The Law Office of Wendy M. Powell, PLLC

The Law Office of Wendy M. Powell, PLLC is a full service family law firm that is dedicated to helping you navigate through the often difficult process of family law related matters.  We are with you from the initial consultation through the conclusion of your case – whether it comes as a mediated agreement, an agreement reached through settlement negotiations or a decision rendered by the judge at trial.

For most of us, our children are the most important aspect of our lives.  We feel the same way and have dedicated this practice to helping our clients achieve a schedule with their children by following the best interest of the child standard.

Our office primarily serves Ada, Canyon and Gem counties; but we often have cases in other counties such as Elmore, Owyhee, Payette, Valley and Washington counties as well.

Wendy M Powell

Wendy M. Powell was born and raised primarily in Boise, Idaho.  She graduated from Boise State University in 1997 with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Accounting and a minor in English.   Wendy expanded her personal experiences when she left Idaho in 1999 to reside in Seattle, Washington.  From there, she moved to San Francisco, California for work and then again to Boston, Massachusetts to begin law school.  Wendy and her baby daughter moved to San Diego, California so Wendy could complete her third year of law school at an affiliate school of her own. Upon graduation from the New England School of Law in 2005, Wendy chose to move back to Idaho where her extended family resides to practice Family Law.

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